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Baby till 6months – 20min session -v£20 (extra £20 if the mum wants to learn it)
Toodler/child till 11- 1h - £30Adult single session – 1h30 - £60Adult pack of 3 sessions -  £150(paid in one go of 2 times)
121 single sessions – 1h - £45
Pack of 3 121 sessions - £120
Gut Reset Coaching
Discovery consultation - 1h – initial consultation including a Lifestyle Analysis to see if this program is for you - £30
Olivia Joya donates to Charity water
Cancelation fees  
You will be asked to pay a £20 deposit to book your session. If you cancel within 48hrs you will lose your deposit.
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Open up to your ideal life through balancing your body & mind.

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