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Using a holistic assessment method, I will discover the initial source of the issues (at least the physical one) and by applying bowen movements in those areas and muscles, the body will regain balance.

This balance can be felt in the physical, emotional and mental levels since the body is intrinsically a holistic organism.
Achey back
I went to see Olivia recently for a Bowen treatment. I’d never experienced Bowen before so wasn’t sure what to expect.

I had an achy back and needed to get some decent sleep. I was pleasantly surprised to feel quite strong releases along my spine from her laser guided fingers! and it felt different to a muscular massage: more like fascial release.

I certainly felt less sore after and it has helped me to improve my condition. I’m not quite there yet, but knowing that fascia work and Bowen technique can help have given me an option for on-going support. I’d recommend her gently and thoughtful manner.

-Lindsey Jackson
Back Pain
Hello everyone my wife Paula had a time when she had many back pains until we discovered this Bowen treatment that has had fantastic results the pains have drastically reduced and now you feel much better and have not finished the treatment sessions, of course Oliva, it's been wonderful, thank you.

-Valter Lopes
Neck pain & Restricted Shoulder
Thank you so much Olivia, for my amazing treatment. I have never had a Bowen treatment before and what a wonderful experience.

The pain that I had in my neck which was coming from my shoulder blade and also going down my left arm, has totally disappeared!!! I can now hold my arm out at shoulder level when practicing yoga, without wincing in pain.

I used to have to keep lowering it! Not anymore. I can’t thank you enough. I’m just so sorry that I live in Oxfordshire and not in Leeds so that I could have more treatments with you.

-Sharon Lew
Twitches, Sciatic Pain, Spine Alignment
I had pain for 8 years until the Bowen therapy solved it. Now I have been pain-free for 2 years! I used to have involuntary and painful muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder area over 8 years. The issue puzzled a myriad of doctors, osteopaths and other body workers who did not know how to solve it. I was starting to get desperate if I would ever heal from it.

With the Bowen technique I healed completely and definitely the spasms, solved an old sciatica problem and aligned my spine and neck. I even got some extra centimeters of height due to the straightening of the spine and neck!

All of this occurred over the course of 13 treatments. Now I have been over two years free from pain and muscle spasms. I warmly recommend Olivia as an extraordinary Bowen technique professional!

-Sarah Bliss
Digestive issues IBS, Back Pain
Olivia is a wonderful therapist and the bowen has worked wonders for me for countless issues. To name a few it has helped with digestive issues, spinal alignment, back pain and overall balancing in my health and emotional wellbeing. Highly recommended!

Emotional Healing
I didn't go there with any really big long term painful condition but rather a slight pain in my back that was causing an energetic block, but I was blown away by the gentleness of this loving technique and I received deep emotional healing and feel softer and more at peace

-Mucky guru
Uterus Fibroid
I had a few sessions with Olivia at the time of a big turmoil in my life. Each time they were soothing and strengthening me as well as releasing pain in my body and spine so I was able to carry on with my life .

At the time I was also prepared to have an operation 'cause of fibroma in my womb.
However, the last test which happened to be after the 4th or 5th Bowen session proved to be negative and there was no need to have any intervention whatsoever !

That was quite surprising when I realized it was the result of Olivia's wonderful work, and I am deeply grateful for all that as I love when my body is able to heal by stimulating its self- healing power which the Bowen Technique did . Olivia's wisdom and intuition in her work are such a gift to this world and I cannot recommend her services more.

-Krystyna Kozanecka
Emotional Distress
Olivia is an amazing therapist. I have received a warm welcome in a space and have had the process explained to me. I felt very comfortable and the effects of the therapy were visible after only few days. I felt relaxed and more settled it myself. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much Olivia

-Martyna Kozanecka
Leg Stiffness
Olivia treated me last month for stiffness in my left leg following an injury two years ago.
I felt relaxed yet energised after the treatment and the mobility in my leg has improved over the month. A friendly capable practitioner.

-Karen Morris
Shoulder pain and restricted movement, back pain, menopause
I have had very strong shoulder pain since 7 years and backpain since 1 month. I could lift my arms only for shoulder height. I slept restless because of the strong pain and woke up during the night often. I needed to take strong painkillers so I could work. After the treatment I was full of energy, I could lift my arms to my head 80%, my shoulder pain was reduced from level 8-9 to level 3.

I am 49 years old but I felt like 70 when I arrived for the session with Olivia. Olivia was very professional and I have got a lot of useful advice for other small health problems. The treatment itself was very fantastic and relaxing. When I left I felt like a 35 years old The treatment was 9 days ago and since then I slept very well every night without pain and I didn’t take any painkillers. Thank you Olivia!

I will recommend Bowen Therapy and Olivia to all of my friends and family!

-Timea Racz
Frozen shoulder, emotional trauma
I began treatment with Olivia after I was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder and had practically no mobility in that area. My healing with Olivia has gone far beyond my shoulder.

With Bowen I have embarked in a journey of healing that has helped with trauma, fear and healing of suppressed emotions. Not only my shoulder is better but I have gained a better body-mind connection, my body feels more grounded and I have better boundaries. Not long after treatment began I realized that my body was also beginning to do self-correction so my old neck and shoulder pains have also gone. I would fully recommend Bowen and Olivia.

She is a caring and professional practitioner who will help you in your journey to a better health.

-Elizabeth Fearn
Car Accident Shock
I was involved in a minor car accident and was left with a sore neck, tension in my shoulders and an unpleasant sense of shock. The Bowen treatment with Olivia was a deeply relaxing and enjoyable experience. The pain dissolved from around my neck, my shoulders are more relaxed and with a greater freedom of movement and the feeling of shock has gone. It's now 10 days since my treatment and I'm feeling better than I did before the accident. My father, aged 85 years, has been having difficulties with his speech over the last few years.

Struggling both to begin speaking, with long delays, and also to articulate words. The doctors he has seen through the NHS have been unable to help him. He had never received a Bowen treatment before but Olivia helped him to relax and feel totally at ease.

Due to the length of time my father has had this problem we were not expecting immediate results, however a few days after his Bowen treatment with Olivia he had a noticeably reduced delayed when speaking. We are very excited about the effect of future treatments.

Thank you again, Olivia!
I have had a few sessions with Olivia now and I have loved them both, not only is she such a lovely woman with a caring gentle energy but she really knows her stuff too.

If your new to Bowen I would defiantly say just go for it, don’t let the mind get in the way just let the fascinating technique and energy do it’s thing. You will feel calm and relaxed and renewed and your in good hands.

I can’t wait for my next session
Neck and Ankle pain
I didn't know much about Bowen, neither it's effects. I just knew it was a body healing therapy.

I went with Olivia having a neck and a ankle pain because I have stretched myself on a wrong position during a yoga class.
During the therapy Olivia's presence was subtle allowing me to focus on being in the moment and to relax more and more on my own body.

Olivia was gentle, caring and kind. On the final of the session I didn't feel pain anymore. I could move again my neck and walk right. I was surprised how a simple touch on some parts of the body would send some kind of message and make my body cure itself. During the first week I felt the need to sleep a bit more and to be more active in the body. I know it was exactly what I needed. I truly recommend Bowen Therapy with Olivia to anyone that has physical pain and want to get rid of it.

-Catarina Nunes
Knee pain after sports injury
After retiring from rugby league and training regularly I quickly realized how bad of a condition my body was in. After 3 knee operations and constant pain since mid 2016 in my knee and back I've started visiting Olivia. After only 4 sessions my knee feels unbelievable and with on going treatments my back feels great and I am finally able to train and work again without pain!
Thanks Olivia

-Kelvin Nielsen
Limp, hip pain, sciatica
I had been suffering with pain in my right hip and leg for long time. The Dr. thought I had sciatica however late 2018 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was devastated to learn I needed a hip replacement. For pain relief the Dr. prescribed ibuprofen and paracetamol 4 times a day.

When attending a world yoga day event in Leeds I met Olivia and had a free Bowen session. I felt so good after the session that in June 2019 I started having regular bowen sessions. Now I no longer take ibuprofen and paracetamol to relieve the pain; no danger of unwanted side effects. Some days I manage without the CBD oil. Although I walk with a limp, my walking posture has improved a lot and now you cant barely notice I limp, which was so clear before and also my general health and wellbeing has improved.

If you have any health issues or feel in need of some stress relief I recommended having a bowen session with Olivia.

-Lesley Hall
Dizziness, Balance issues
I have had problems with my balance, so decided to see if the Bowen treatment could help me. After a month, I have noticed that my balance is back to normal. It really does work. Olivia is friendly and totally professional in her work, and is dedicated to resolving my ailments.

-Elizabeth Fearn
Vertigo, Bereavement
Absolutely amazing and transformative. I came to Bowenworks with a mix of issues, some physical, others emotional, including grief and unresolved family issues, vertigo and general wear-and-tear. Olivia's approach is very focused, and creates time for the body and mind to heal.

She is a true healer in the holistic sense, and I have benefited so much from Bowen. After 3 sessions my vertigo is almost gone, and a range of other issues have surfaced and are getting resolved. As I said, the experience has been transformative.
Shoulder Pain, Thoracic pain
I had shoulder pain for over a year and long term thoracic pain.

I truly believe that after 2 Bowen treatments and a couple of months of naturally occurring inner doctor activation I am 99% repaired! Thank you to Olivia for being so helpful. This is a very gentle but hugely powerful treatment. I recommend!

Stress, Body Aches
It's such a delight for me to have Bowen treatments.

I feel so relaxed for the following days and even weeks, sometimes, and also all my little pains disappear. It helps me so much to deal better with my stressful job and life. I feel very much cared for when Olivia is treating me.

Thank you Olivia and see you soon!
Trapped nerve
I have had several Bowen treatments with Olivia and would recommend her and this from of treatment to anyone.

Olivia has is very tentative when taking case notes and has a very gentle and caring way about her. The treatment is subtle and not painful in anyway. I have seen the benefits very soon after the treatment.  Specifically with a trapped nerve problem I had.
Child bed wetting, separation anxiety
In short Olivia and her practice is amazing.

I had Bowen previously and it helped me a lot so when I moved to Leeds I was extremely lucky to find her. Bowen which Olivia is doing helps me to resolve my physical challenges but most importantly emotional struggles. Her technique is amazing and she as a person is so calming, kind, understanding and knowledgeable like not many people I know.

Even more importantly he helped my 6 year old son tremendously. He had a lot of anxieties and attachment issues, for example it was hard for me to leave him at school since he began going there. After just one session that started to change and he is now like completely different boy. He also had problems with his body-mind connection where he will have no 2 accidents and that stopped too! He is more relaxed on daily basis and it is so much easier to communicate and reason with.

Long story short I only regret that I brought him so late to Olivia.
Stiff Ankle, inflammation
To date, I have had five Bowen sessions with Olivia. I’d experienced Bowen some years ago, with another experienced practitioner that had worked as a nurse for two decades prior to training in Bowen. She was good but Olivia is amazing! It’s not just her obvious knowledge and skill, she has a deep intuition about what is going on.

Thanks to her, the stiff ankle that I broke in 2017 has become so much more flexible, my spine looks and feels straighter, inflammation in the body has reduced and inner conflicts have been brought to the surface to be addressed through a combination of my own self-work through journaling and physical intervention through Bowen.

I recommended two friends to her because I was so impressed. Both have booked multiple sessions, while I have made a commitment to myself to visit her every month. I regard Bowen therapy with Olivia as an essential part of my personal self-care.

Book a session and be amazed!
Well what can I say??? I have been in agony for over 6 weeks. Pain killers from Dr. Did not even touch the Sciatica. I went to see Olivia just over a week ago. And started to feel less pain more or less straight away. After my second session yesterday .

I am starting to feel like my old self. I could not remember what it was like not to feel pain. I was ready to try anything to feel less pain. And YES that is Olivia. With her gentle and soothing therapy. Excellent service. I will recommend Olivia Bowen to my family and friends.

Cant wait for my next session on Friday.
Sharp knee pain, tiredness
I have been receiving Bowen Technique treatments with Olivia because of my chronic problem of heart (mitral insufficiency) and in the days after each session I always feel I have more energy, better mood and less tired. This time I reached to Olivia because I had a strong sharp pain in the knee, which appeared at times when supported my foot on the floor, which forced me to stop because the pain was so strong.

On the 2nd day after this pain has started, I received a treatment. I started immediately noticing an improvement and 3 days later, the pain completely disappeared and did not come back anymore. I am very happy to have discovered this relaxing, fast and effective technique.

Thank you.
Toddler anger, stomach issues, disturbed sleep, breathing difficulty
I came to Olivia with my 16 month old son because he has always struggled with stomach issues (lots of pain and loose, acrid poos) and sleep issues - either being wide awake for hours in the night or being stuck in semi-consciousness and suffering with night terrors. I had Bowen therapy from Olivia years ago, so I knew how powerful the method is.

I was amazed with how calm my son was during the session and Olivia patience and kindness towards him made it a relaxing and lovely experience for us all.
The day after his first session, his poo was solid and he didn’t show any signs of stomach pain or discomfort when he had a bowel movement.The two following nights were really tricky - he was releasing a lot of anger and distress, but following that he slept through 3 nights in a row for the first time in his life.

He has had a couple of waking moments during the nights following. however he’s cried out once or twice then settled immediately. He’s happier during the day and more “himself” rather than an angry & frustrated, sleep deprived, Stomach ache little person. I’m so relieved to see his relief , to have him smile, be playful but most importantly for us all to have sleep at last!!

I cannot thank Olivia enough.
Shoulder and back pain
Heard about the bowen? Looking for the right person?
Then all what I can say, seek out for Olivia. My shoulder and lower back were killing me, until I did The Bowen Therapy.  

Bowen Therapy is so relaxing and energizing in same time. The sensation I was feeling during the therapy I didn't feel for long time but is not ending there! The benefits are continuing day after and after. Feeling better, energized and many other things. Just try.

We all worth it! Thank you, Olivia
Asthma, lower back pain
After the first three bowen treatments, my asthma problem caused by an allergic reaction to the airborne particles and smell produced by the oil chemical industry in the air we breathe, my symptoms were reduced to the level I no longer needed to take medication.

When I was a child I had a skating accident that let me with very painful lower back bone which was caused by misalignment of the lower lumbar vertebras; the pain was intermittent but disabling when it occurred. After my bowen treatment, the spinal alignment was improved and I have had no pain for the last 4 months. I had also gallbladder problems that caused migraine with vomiting. After the bowen treatment the problems appear to have reduced and occur less often. Also my digestive system has improved.

Thank you so much!
Menstrual and premenstrual pain, sore coccyx, chronic constipation
Before starting Bowen Therapy during two years I experienced pain and felt bad during premenstrual and menstrual period to which got added, in one year, a sore coccyx and sacral which radiates to the left buttock and groin, and to the urinary bladder. I had pain in the cervical spine. For six months I had chronical constipation, hemorrhoids, bleeding. As a general feeling I was depressed, without joy of life, devitalized, sad, lacking faith, will and goals.

I heard about Bowen Therapy from a friend of mine, who achieved very good results and she recommended it to me.
So I started Bowen therapy with Olivia, and even after the first session my body started an intense purification process. It was expelled spontaneously a knob from the left foot with the size of a pea, that I had since about a year.

After the second session I felt that it amplified my joy of life and vitality, and the pain in the spine eased much. After the fourth session also the constipation was greatly improved. After the fifth session the general condition during premenstrual and menstrual period was improved by 70% compared with the past two years, especially compared with the last six months. I observed greatly increased mobility in the lumbar and cervical areas, and a greater state of the relaxation of the muscles in general.

I continued Bowen Therapy during seven months, one session each week. I am really rejuvenated and regenerated both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The health problems were solved miraculously. If, rarely, appear small problems I know how to relax and have patience with me, with my body, because the inner doctor is already activated by this method of natural healing.

With the help of Bowen Therapy by Olivia, I got to know myself better, to know my body and emotions. I started to trust my life and myself, I took very important decisions regarding my life and I have acted in this direction, I have new goals and hopes, and are much happier and very grateful.
I thank God, Bowen Therapy and Olivia for being able to enjoy all these gifts and miraculous healings.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Open up to your ideal life through balancing your body & mind.

Happy Woman

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