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Rebirthing takes us, through attentive relaxation,  deeply into our unconscious body mind, building the energy that allows us to integrate the past, and connect to source.

It takes us on a journey into ourselves.
"I feel more and more at peace with myself"
Olivia is a very gifted healer: her powers of insight and intuition, combined with her nurturing, kind energy, meant I instantly felt safe, understood and cared for during my rebirthing sessions. I have found the sessions very powerful and nourishing. It is so wonderful to be given the space and support to allow for parts of myself to come forward and for them to be seen and heard. I feel more and more at peace with myself after each session. Many thanks Olivia

-Jacqueline Lawrence
"I felt very safe"
I had a rebirthing session with Olivia and what an amazing experience it was. Olivia has such a gentle and loving voice and it was easy to relax with her. I felt very safe during the treatment. The rebirthing itself was gentle and very profound and I still feel the effects after 2 days. Will definitely go to see Olivia again for a rebirthing session.

-Silja K
"Powerful and profound experience"
Olivia guided & supported me through a rebirthing Breathwork session. I had a powerful and profound experience. I would definitely recommend Olivia as a Breathwork therapist!

-Dessie Fitzgerald
"Shifting my beliefs"

My session with Olivia felt really nourishing to my heart. The breathwork helped to bring up old unresolved grief, and she held the space for me beautifully as I was processing my emotions. She guided me gently in my journey of shifting my beliefs and repatterning my thoughts. I felt a great deal of care and motherly love from Olivia, very safe and supportive whilst being highly professional. Thank you once again.

-Mihai Diaconescu
"I Felt I could be myself"
"Each session was unique and also a surprise. The more sessions I did, the more the perception of time changed - the deeper I went, the more I felt I was breathing for 5 or 10 minutes when in reality I was breathing for longer. I felt secure, I felt I could be myself, raw or untamed. No matter what would come into the surface, I felt I was in the right place to feel it."
" (it) improved my symptoms alot"
"I've been happy with the sessions with Olivia. They have improved my symptoms a lot in the past year and I do feel like I have been several different people along the way. I have been helped hugely and also inspired by Olivia’s compassion and expertise and the perspective that she has shared with me has brought me a lot of freedom."

Open up to your ideal life through balancing your body & mind.

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