These 1-to-1 meditation classes involve guided meditation and support and the depth of your sessions depends on you and on what you wish to attain with it. From simple relaxation techniques and breath meditation to discovering deeper aspects of yourself and the truth about your nature, I am here to help you!
Calm woman meditating
Calm woman meditating

Everything you will learn in these 121 sessions can be taken home with you to develop your daily meditation practice if you so wish.
But truth be told, you won’t know the full benefits of meditating until you take the time to do it and leave the world and worries get along without you, for a while. Its definitely worth it and these are some of the many benefits of daily meditation practice:

Finding inner peace and calmness
Putting things into perspective to help with decision making
Reduction of stress and anxiety
Managing and coping with health issues
Better mental health
Help with recovering from physical & mental health issues
Better general health and wellbeing
Connecting and discovering yourself
I also offer advanced support for meditators beginners or advanced that feel stuck in their practice and would like to progress deeper into finding their Self and having insights into deeper questions like:
Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Why am I here?
Where am I going to?
Calm woman meditatingCalm woman meditating
Calm woman meditating Prices
121 single sessions
Pack of 3
121 sessions
Cancelation fees  
In order to book your appointment you will be asked to pay for the full price of your session. Cancelations within 48hrs will be liable to the full payment. Thank you for your understanding.

"Olivia has been my meditation support since back in early 2020, when I first started my journey of learning how to meditate.

In a world of numerous forms and practices (and noise!), Olivia showed me the authentic way of the path and exemplified what good form truly is.

Olivia is the real deal, with her guidance I’ve seen rapid and tangible results. Sitting at a totally new perspective and a beautiful experience of life, I cannot thank her enough for this life transforming experience!"



"Olivia is kind and clearly an experienced meditator.

You feel very well supported, and I made more progress with her a few months than I did with my previous teacher over 3 years. I would highly recommend training with her."



" I had a meditation session with Olivia and she provided the most beautiful and loving environment for it.

I felt the trust in her immediately and felt held throughout the process.

It was lovely to sit and meditate together and be guided into peacefulness by her. I would really recommend the session."


Open up to your ideal life through balancing your body & mind.

Calm woman meditating

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